Bridge Couple Relationship

Why wait for things to become difficult to learn how to communicate respectfully, to listen carefully and feel truly listened to and heard ?

This package is designed for couples who are curious, interested in growing a balanced nurturing relationship.

3 sessions is what it takes to have a fair glimpse on how your relationship can grow deep and harmonious.

1st session – Understand how you relate to each other

Highlights the way you relate to each other. Who makes the talking ? Is there a dragger ? Is there a draggee ? Do you say all you want to say to your partner ? How do see each other ? How do you listen to each other ?

2nd session – Build your common couple’s vision

Take the time to think about what really matters for each of you in your relationship. Become aware of your similarities, of your differences, of your complementarities. What do you live already ? What would you like to build together ?

“The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together” Robert C. Dodds

3rd session – The bridge between you

Visit you partner’s innerworld. Invite your partner in your inner world.
In this session you will practice the Imago Intentional Dialogue to talk about what matters to you.

“It takes both sides to build a bridge” Fredrik Nael

About me
Experienced Certified Gestalt Therapist and Imago Couple’s Therapist I truly believe that only through relationship do we get to know who we really are.
Imago Therapy and Intentional Dialogue are wonderful to facilitate genuine communication within couples.